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Mon Apr 23 10:00:35 PDT 2018

Journal of Interaction Studies
Special issue – Groups in Human-Agent Interaction Call For Papers

As robots and artificial agents become more prominent in human lives, they also increasingly become parts of groups and teams. Group interaction of humans and agents include applications as diverse as: a digital assistant for the home, a social robot operating in a mall, a group of robots and artificial agents supporting first responders. Research on group interactions between multiple humans, artificial agents and robots is important and poses novel challenges as compared to studying dyadic interaction. However, most research on human-agent interaction still focuses on one human interacting with one agent.

This special issue of Interaction Studies aims to bring together conversation on these topics will be critical as robots increasingly become a part of our society. The issue extends topics addressed at Groups in Human-Robot Interaction at RO-MAN 2016 and 2017, Robots in Groups and Teams at CSCW 2017, and Human-Agent Groups at the AAAI Fall 2017 Symposium. The special issue will be organized around three central questions: (1) How do robots/agents shape the dynamics of groups and teams in existing settings? (2) How does an agent’s behavior shape how humans interact with each other in dyads and in larger groups and teams? (3) How can agents improve the performance of work groups and teams by acting on social processes?

Indicative topics/areas:
Topics of interest include but are not limited to research, design, and practitioner perspectives on:
·       multi-agent systems, robotics, autonomous agents
·       cognitive science, psychology, human factors engineering,
·       human-robot interaction, human-computer interaction,
·       technology design, and applications involving human-agent groups.

Important Dates
·       May 1, 2018: Deadline for submissions
·       August 15, 2018: Feedback provided for authors
·       September 30, 2018: Revised versions due, possible second-round reviews
·       November 30, 2018: Final notifications sent to authors
·       January 1, 2019: Authors submit final manuscripts
·       March 30, 2019: Publication

Submission Information
All submissions should be done using the journal’s Editorial Manager (https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__is.edmgr.com_&d=DwIGaQ&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=rYYiKUS_8R8PbRz3PtO-fJx8CaEyGDeZvQeow9y818M&s=1R4TKcKfnjjGyRRsKv1HvfD6BjRPcjs57PHXR8EBpiY&e=).  Authors should select the Special Issue at the time of submission.

Author Guidelines
The average length of journal of Interaction Studies articles is 8000 words, but articles may be longer or shorter depending on the space needed to present a cohesive and well-evidenced argument. For detailed guidelines on formatting and other requirements, see: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__benjamins.com_-23catalog_journals_is_guidelines&d=DwIGaQ&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=rYYiKUS_8R8PbRz3PtO-fJx8CaEyGDeZvQeow9y818M&s=fO-75bDdsYqHoAFDzJs4E3ew0bUinpY6pRihxjp6h6E&e=

Guest Editors
Selma Sabanovic, Indiana University Bloomington, selmas at indiana.edu<mailto:selmas at indiana.edu>
Friederike Eyssel, Bielefeld University, friederike.eyssel at uni-bielefeld.de<mailto:friederike.eyssel at uni-bielefeld.de>
Malte Jung, Cornell University, mfj28 at cornell.edu<mailto:mfj28 at cornell.edu>
Ana Paiva, Technical University of Lisbon, ana.paiva at inesc-id.pt<mailto:ana.paiva at inesc-id.pt>

Selma Šabanović, PhD
Associate Professor of Informatics and Cognitive Science
School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
Indiana University
901 E. 10th Street Rm. 265, Bloomington, IN 47408
office: (812) 856-0386; fax: (812) 856-1995
web: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__homes.soic.indiana.edu_selmas_&d=DwIGaQ&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=rYYiKUS_8R8PbRz3PtO-fJx8CaEyGDeZvQeow9y818M&s=aBq6jqdQeLWJdxV1KmOUggwo9euputefduIYnRHJ-Go&e=

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