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2nd Call for Papers: Journal of Field Robotics Special Issue on Agricultural Robotics


We are pleased to invite you to submit your papers to the Journal of Field Robotics special issue on "Agricultural Robotics".



Agricultural robotics faces several unique challenges and operates at the intersection of applied robotic vision, manipulation and crop science. Robotics will provide a key role in improving productivity, increasing crop quality and even enabling individualised weed and crop treatment. All these advancements are integral for providing food to a growing population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, requiring agricultural production to double to meet food demands.

The Journal of Field Robotics (JFR) announces its third special issue on agricultural robotics. We invite papers that exhibit theory and methods applied to robotic systems in agriculture including, but not limited to:

* Vision and action for agricultural robotics coping with changes in appearance and geometry of the environment;

* Sensors and vision systems for agricultural robots including passive and active methods;

* Manipulators and platforms for harvesting, soil preparation and crop management;

* Aerial and ground robotic platforms for soil/crop monitoring, prediction, and decision making;

* Long-term autonomy and navigation in unstructured field environments;

* Automation of vertical farming, protected cropping systems, and phenotyping;

* Data analytics and real-time decision making with robots-in-the-loop;

* Low-cost sensing and algorithms for day/night operation;

* User interfaces and human-robot interaction for end-users;

* Standardised benchmarks and long-term datasets in changing agricultural environments.

We encourage contributions that focus on agriculture, covering different fields of robotics, robotic vision, autonomous vehicles, manipulation, control, path planning, human robot interaction, and machine learning. An emphasis will be placed on vision and action that works in the field by coping with changes in appearance and geometry of the environment. Learning how to interact within this complicated environment will also be of special interest to the special issue as will alternative applications enabled by better understanding and exploiting the link between robotics and crop science. Papers for this special issue must provide technical descriptions of systems, analysis, and results of experimentation. Lessons learned in development and operation are pertinent to the discussion. JFR encourages multimedia content and this issue seeks inclusion of media illustrating system concepts and field experiments.

Submission Instructions:


The submissions must conform to the JFR guidelines. This special issue will follow a rolling schedule. The papers can be submitted anytime before August 15, 2018. The papers will be reviewed and a decision made, as and when they are received. Papers that are accepted will appear online within two weeks of decision. All the accepted papers will then appear in the special print issue of JFR.



* August 15, 2018 - Submit manuscripts

* October, 2018 - Initial reviews completed

* December 15, 2018 - Decisions and author notification

* January 15, 2019 - Final manuscripts for publication

Special issue guest editors:


Chris Lehnert (Queensland University of Technology), c.lehnert at qut.edu.au<mailto:c.lehnert at qut.edu.au>, Chris McCool (Queensland University of Technology), c.mccool at qut.edu.au<mailto:c.mccool at qut.edu.au>, Inkyu Sa (ETH Zurich), inkyu.sa at mavt.ethz.ch<mailto:inkyu.sa at mavt.ethz.ch>, Cyrill Stachniss (University of Bonn), cyrill.stachniss at igg.uni-bonn.de<mailto:cyrill.stachniss at igg.uni-bonn.de>, Eldert J. van Henten (Wageningen UR), eldert.vanhenten at wur.nl<mailto:eldert.vanhenten at wur.nl>, Juan Nieto (ETH Zurich), jnieto at ethz.ch<mailto:jnieto at ethz.ch>

Authors interested can discuss submissions with the special issue guest editors.

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