[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Research assistant position (12 months) in deep learning for activity recognition in surgical robotics

Fabio Cuzzolin fabio.cuzzolin at brookes.ac.uk
Fri Mar 9 08:02:53 PST 2018

 The School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics of Oxford Brookes
University is seeking a Research Assistant in Deep Learning for Vision in
Surgical Robotics.

This post is offered for a 12 month, fixed term, full time duration.

The successful candidate will join the School's Artificial Intelligence and
Vision lab to support the activities of the Horizon 2020 SARAS project
(Smart Autonomous Robotic Assistant Surgeon):


The goal of the project is to design two robotics arms powered by an
advanced cognitive AI capable of replacing human assistant surgeons in
complex laparoscopic procedures.

This involves an exciting combination of cognitive and sensorial tasks,
namely: (1) recognising surgeon actions and events in real time; (2)
placing what happens in the context of the overall surgical procedure; (3)
making predictions about future surgeon action and anomalies; (4)
understanding the surgical cavity, by detecting, labelling and segmenting
scene elements; (5) tracking deformable surfaces and organs in real time.

Candidates should have a PhD or other Postgraduate qualification or be
studying for PhD in a relevant subject, and possess significant experience
in machine learning (especially deep learning), computer vision, and
ideally both.

The successful candidates will join a vibrant and ambitious School that is
welcoming, supportive and friendly. The School blends excellence in
teaching and knowledge transfer with world-leading research in areas that
span Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Cognitive Robotics,
Augmented Reality, Wireless Communications, e-Health and Human Machine

The AI and Vision lab, led by Professor Fabio Cuzzolin, enjoys a leadership
position in the field of action detection and recognition:


with the only online deep learning-based action detection platform capable
of working in better than real time with top accuracies. The group has also
strong interests in (statistical) machine learning, robust statistics and
uncertainty theory, e-health, and applications to surgical and mobile
robotics, working at the interface of AI and neuroscience. The team has
strong links with top research groups in the UK, US and EU, and
collaborates with a number of multinational and start-up companies.

You will be:

- Assisting with the research activities assigned to Oxford Brookes
University as part of the SARAS project;
- Helping with the processing of the surgical data;
- Assisting with the preparation of papers for publication and making
presentations at meetings and/or conferences, including SARAS review
- Conducting literature searches and reviews;
- Attending conferences/workshops to disseminate the results of SARAS and
present papers as required;
- Reporting on a regular basis to the Head of the Artificial Intelligence

You should have:

- a postgraduate qualification or be studying for a PhD;
- research experience in machine learning for computer vision;
- a good publication record in vision and machine learning venues;
- a good knowledge of machine learning;
- good coding skills in Python, Matlab and/or C++.

International applicants from outside the EU will need to demonstrate their
eligibility to work in the UK.

Salary: £23,557 rising annually to £25,728
Deadline for application: April 4 2018

To apply, please follow the link below:


For informal feedback please contact Prof Fabio Cuzzolin:
fabio.cuzzolin at brookes.ac.uk

More information is available here:


Fabio Cuzzolin
Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Head of Artificial Intelligence and Vision
School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics
Oxford Brookes University
Oxford, UK

+44 (0)1865 484526

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