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Juha Röning juha.roning at oulu.fi
Tue Mar 13 01:55:44 PDT 2018

Dear colleagues,

We will arrange the Workshop of Open Infrastructure BIM based Automation 
and Robotics for heavy and large Working Machinery
March 14, 2018 European Robotics Forum 2018, Tampere (Finland):

The organizers and speakers are members of companies, including 
technology providers and end-users, universities and research 
institutions with extensive expertise in BIM based automation and 
robotics for heavy and large working machinery. The already existing 
technology and applications will be presented.

We are looking forward meeting you in Tampere.

With best regards

Juha Röning

PS. Please, check the final time table.

*Workshop of Open Infrastructure BIM based Automation and Robotics
for heavy and large Working Machinery*

*March 14, 2018*

*European Robotics Forum 2018, Tampere (Finland)*



*Juha R**ö**ning *
juha.roning at oulu.fi
University of Oulu

*Rauno Heikkil**ä***
rauno.heikkila at oulu.fi <mailto:rauno.heikkila at oulu.fi>University of Oulu

*Reza Ghabcheloo
*reza.ghabcheloo at tut.fi
Tampere University of Technology

*Motivation and objective*

Infrastructure construction industry covers typically the design, 
construction and maintenance of different infrastructures, such as 
roads, railways, fairways, bridges, tunnels, airport runways, harbors, 
pipelines, sewer networks, power-distribution networks, 
telecommunication networks, etc. According to many studies, the 
investments to improve infrastructures of societies have been evaluated 
to be one of the best way to achieve economic growth in the world. For 
the construction and maintenance different heavy and large working 
machinery are used like excavator, bulldozer, wheel loader, dump trucks, 
milling machine, asphalt spreader, compaction machine, deep 
stabilization machine, piling machine and drilling machines. Infra 
construction sites are typically long, often from kilometers even to 
tens of kilometers causing challenges to coordinate simultaneously 
plenty of different types of large working machines and the work 
processes effectively. Construction works are also very costly, 
typically tens or hundreds of millions of euros. For example the 
construction costs of motor way are normally around 3-5 MEUR/km and the 
project duration about 2-3 years. To minimize the costs of construction 
caused by earth-moving works and material hauling, relatively very high 
accuracy of construction is needed.

In recent years there have in many European countries been many efforts 
to develop infrastructure specific machine readable Building Information 
Modeling (BIM). The BuildingSMART International organization supports 
globally the development and utilization of Open Infrastructure BIM. The 
utilization of Open Infra BIM guidelines, information classification and 
open information transfer has increased significantly in Europe, 
especially in the Northern countries like Finland, Sweden and Norway as 
well as United Kingdom, the Netherlands and German.The first 
international Open Infra BIM Forum was organized in February 2018 in 
Finland.In the event total 400 participants from infra industry and 
academia from near all over the world discussed the latest developments 
and achievements of Infra BIM with numerous of examples of practical 
challenges and remarkable benefits.For example in Finland, the infra 
design consultants today utilized widely Infra BIM based design in most 
projects as well as contractors have equipped and use almost 3000 
working machines with automated Infra BIM based 3-D guidance or control 
systems. This means that largest contractors use 3-D machine control 
practically in every machine.

However, the automation level of current 3-D control systems still stays 
in the level of human-assisted automation. In the current method blade 
position is shown to human machine operator and the operator himself 
does manually the machine and blade control. When control principle is 
used, blade is automatically controlled by the system while human 
operator moves the machine according to the working plans and needs. 
Remarkable thing is that the whole work process is based on the Open 
Infra BIM specification. Thus, there is a great opportunity to start 
planning and focusing to the next level of automation, i.e. to the 
development of autonomous or robotics systems for heavy machinery, where 
the needed infrastructure and work process information is already 
available through the Open Infra BIM.

The workshop will focus on the recent development and achievements in 
the field of infrastructure design, construction and maintenance using 
open infrastructure building information modelling and construction 
automation and robotics. The integration of open Infra BIM with more and 
more autonomous machine control and cloud service systems will be 
illustrated, demonstrated and discussed. The organizers and speakers are 
top-level members of research institutions and companies’ service 

This workshop will guide researchers through the many features so that 
we can discuss ways for them to benefit from our platform in their 
research. We also want to obtain feedback on our development by 
identifying strengths and weaknesses in discussions and guided hands-on 


The workshop will have four short presentations and demonstrations 
dealing with technologies, applications and present industrial 
utilization on construction sites. The workshop include interaction with 
audience using smart phone application for questions and voting of some 
more focused activity plans.

The workshop will start with a short overview of advanced robotic 
solutions available for construction area. Then we will have a 
presentation of the current idea and status of the Open Infrastructure 
BIM based Automation and Robotics.After that, the development trends of 
commercial 3-D machine control systems will be considered by an 
industrial presentation and demonstration. Finally, cloud based control 
possibilities of Infra construction sites will be opened and 
demonstrated by another industrial demonstration.

After each of the presentations or demonstrations, there will be 
organized possibility for audience to ask questions, send comments and 
to vote some alternative options as well as join the critical final 
discussion of the platform’s strengths and weaknesses. In the final 
slot, we plan to get feedback from the audience on our further roadmap. 
We are convinced this workshop will help them in their first steps on 
the way to designing truly autonomous and robotic systems based on Open 
Infra BIM going well beyond current state-of-the-art.



14th March, 10:45-12:00 am, Room Sonaatti 2

10:45-10:55 Introduction to the construction robotics platform

10:55-11:05 Potentialities of advanced robotics for infra construction 
industry, Juha Röning

- voting 1, 5 min

- Q/A

11:05-11:20 Open Infrastructure BIM based Automation and Robotics, Rauno 

- voting 2, 5 min

- Q/A

9:20-11:35 Development Trends of Automated Machine Control Systems - 
example Novatron, Visa Hokkanen

- voting 3, 5 min

- Q/A

11:35-11:50 Increasing the Automation Level of Serial Robotic 
Manipulators with Optimal Design and Collision-free Path Control
Tuomo Kivelä, Sandvik

- voting 4, 5 min

- Q/A

11:50-12:00 Discussion, Feedback and Conclusion

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