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Cynthia Yeung cyeung at diligentrobots.com
Tue Dec 10 10:20:59 PST 2019

Please apply here:

*What we’re doing isn’t easy. But nothing worth doing ever is.*

We envision a future powered by robots that work seamlessly with human
teams. We build the artificial intelligence that enables service robots to
collaborate with people and adapt to dynamic human environments. Join our
mission-driven, venture-backed team as we build out our customer-facing
operations arm.

As part of Diligent Robotics’ founding operations team, you will uphold the
highest standards for safe teleoperation of complex robotic systems in
real-world environments. Through excellent communication and documentation,
you will filter and relay pertinent information to our engineering team
while operating a cutting-edge fleet of robots. As part of the founding
team, you will help design and implement processes as the organization
scales. Robot operators will solve unexpected situations that might arise
during a shift, and work effectively as a team to ensure exceptional
results to our hospital partners.

This is a full-time entry level role at Diligent Robotics with potential to
grow into other positions in the company. This position is located in
Dallas and you must be local to be considered.

*Your responsibilities will include:*

   - Monitoring and safely operating mobile service robots in a hospital
   environment (you will be onsite at various hospitals).
   - Collecting data and troubleshooting in a variety of real-world
   situations, while simultaneously providing detailed and accurate feedback
   to our engineers.
   - Prioritizing the customer experience, ensuring their expectations are
   always met or exceeded.
   - Deploying hardware and software updates with remote engineering
   - Communicating with hospital staff and, occasionally, the public
   regarding robot operation.
   - Eventually contributing to core development by solving bugs, improving
   robot robustness, and building the next generation of teleoperation tools.

*A good candidate would be, at minimum:*

   - A Bachelor's degree holder or possess equivalent experience.
   - A basic user of Linux: you can install packages, open a text editor,
   and complete other simple tasks using the command line.
   - Comfortable with software development and deployment cycles: you can
   report bugs and can quickly learn to deploy software.
   - A safe driver: you will be responsible for transporting equipment from
   remote locations to onsite deployments.
   - An excellent written and verbal communicator: you convey information
   to internal and external stakeholders in an organized and easily parsable
   manner through emails, bug reports, and in-person meetings
   - Customer-service oriented: you are friendly, skilled in the art of
   de-escalation, and an able juggler of customer demands and company needs.
   - Organized: you can juggle and make progress on multiple initiatives
   - Self-sufficient and whip-smart: you get things done, learn what you
   don’t know, and can make data-driven decisions independently, as
   circumstances require.
   - Able to lift up to 50 pounds: you are unfazed by the need to transport
   heavy equipment for robot deployments.
   - Willing to travel (up to 35%): you’re excited by the opportunity to
   launch and support our robot operations regardless of geography.
   - Flexible and willing to work different shift hours, including early
   mornings, nights, and weekends: you understand that our customers (i.e.
   hospitals) are open 24/7, that our robots must be running smoothly all the
   time, and that your schedule may shift as customer needs change over time.
   - Willing to work during significant holidays: you understand that our
   customers (i.e. hospitals) don’t shut down during the holidays and neither
   can our robot deployments.
   - Willing to be vendor credentialed: our customers have strict standards
   and employment will be dependent on obtaining vendor credentials, the
   process of which will include various immunizations, a background check,
   and a drug screen, among other steps.

*The ideal candidate would be:*

   - Responsive and responsible, especially when working remotely: you
   commit to deadlines, err on the side of over-communication, and understand
   the challenges of remote work.
   - Results-oriented: you’re happy to observe and take notes on end users
   interacting with the robot all day if that’s what it takes to get data for
   product analysis.
   - Vigilant about the details: you notice when a checklist item is left
   unchecked and it gnaws at you until it’s done.
   - Experienced in networking/IT and DevOps: you’re happy to keep the
   systems humming and working on projects to improve code health and
   programming efficiency.
   - A video game enthusiast: you will leverage your off-duty skills to
   become an expert at teleoperating the robot, when necessary.
   - A budding roboticist: you know how to program (e.g. Python) and have
   experience with ROS.
   - Formerly employed in the healthcare space: you have an insider
   understanding of the vernacular, organizational structure, and operational
   processes of hospitals.
   - Passionate and clear-eyed when it comes to robots: you understand that
   there’s a gap between technological reality and media-driven expectations
   and are excited about the opportunity to move the industry forward by
   whatever means necessary, even if it isn’t glamorous.


   - Competitive salary and equity based on experience and contribution
   - Opportunity to be part of our founding operations team
   - Experience working with some of the leading experts in robotics
   - Potential to radically change the future of healthcare

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We
do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color,  national
origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or
disability status.

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