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Anibal Ollero aollero at us.es
Sun Dec 15 05:01:47 PST 2019

Dear colleagues,

The GRVC Robotics Laboratory at the University of Seville (grvc.us.es),  
which is a main actor in Europe for aerial robotics,  has opened 
positions for Senior Researchers (SR), Postdocts (PD), PhDs (PhD) and 
Senior Engineers ( SE) to work on cutting edge aerial robotics projects 
(design, mechatronics, perception, control, planning and learning) 
including the ERC Advanced Grant GRIFFIN (griffin-erc-advanced-grant.eu) 
and new H2020 European Research and Innovation projects such as 
AERIAL-CORE (aerial-core.eu).
The equipment, facilities and working environment are excellent making 
possible the collaboration with the best European teams (Universities, 
Research Centres and Companies). The salary, which will depend on the 
expertise and background, will be competitive in Europe by including a 
semester extra bonus depending the outcomes.
The candidates to positions of Senior Researchers (SR) and Postdocs 
(PD)   should have a good record of publications in top journals and 
Candidates should send an E-mail to the address 
grvc.candidates at gmail.com providing motivation letter, detailed CV and 
two reference letters. The E-mail should have in the subject “Candidate 
to XXX” where   XXX is the code of the position (SR, PD, PhD, SE)

Best regards
Anibal Ollero
Head of the GRVC Robotics Laboratory at the University of Seville

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