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Wed Feb 6 22:56:50 PST 2019

The deadline of the first submission has been extended to 28 Feb 2019!
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In recent years, the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) to
robotics have experimented with exponential growth. AI plays a crucial role
in path planning of robots, allowing fast responses to changes in complex
environments, which increases the autonomy of robots drastically. It also
plays a leading role in modelling and intelligent control of robots by
allowing a more complex feedback analysis, self-tuning applications, and on
the fly adaptation to environmental changes.

Changing industrial environments like flexible manufacturing facilities and
automated warehouses where robots are intended to work side by side with
humans are benefiting directly from advancements in complex path planning
and autonomous decision making based on AI-powered algorithms. On the
consumer side, applications like cleaning robots and delivery robots are
also becoming part of our daily lives. The implementation of AI-powered
path planning drastically improves the efficiency and practicality of these
robots, as the environments in which these robots must operate is highly
dynamic and needs constant adaptation.

More recently, these advancements in AI had an extraordinary impact on
mobile robotic platforms, where the autonomous car is leading the way. By
making use of advanced machine learning techniques like neural networks,
fuzzy systems, and deep learning, the platforms can make decisions and
improve its programming autonomously. The research effort put into the
autonomous car will lead the development in other autonomous applications.
Other industrial applications like automated surveillance of installations
with mobile robots or drones equipped with cameras will directly benefit
from the technologies developed for the autonomous car.

To address the potential and growth of applications and opportunities in
the use of AI for robot modelling, path planning, and intelligent control,
we invite contributions focused on the applications of AI in robotics
systems. We welcome all types of articles. Potential topics include, but
are not limited to:

- AI-based path planning in dynamic environments with learning and
- AI applied in multi-agent robotic systems like mobile robot networks
- Robot control implementing intelligent control techniques
- Self-organization and Self-optimization via machine learning based AI
- System fault mitigation via adaptive and learning control techniques
- Practical applications and methods of AI in the industry
- Autonomous vehicle research and development based on AI

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