[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Boston Dynamics Machine Learning Summer Internship

Arash Ushani aushani at bostondynamics.com
Thu Feb 14 10:16:51 PST 2019

Boston Dynamics is seeking Machine Learning Interns for the summer of 2019
to build perception systems for object detection, classification, and
localization.  To be successful here you’ll need to be able to make the
right design decisions and demonstrate robust, interpretable results on
advanced mobile robots. We work in a build it - break it - fix it
environment, so expect to test early and test often.  Well qualified
candidates will be working toward a PhD in Computer Science or a related
field, and have prior work that demonstrates an ability to creatively apply
modern machine learning algorithms to real-world perception data.

US Citizenship or Permanent Residence Required
Required skills:* Comfortable writing and debugging in C++ and Python
* Familiarity with available machine learning toolkits (e.g. Tensorflow)
and architectures (e.g. YOLO)
* Relevant coursework in theory and application of machine learning and
perception techniques
* Strong interest in the intersection of deep learning and robotics
* Strong communication skills
Desired skills:* Academic or industrial experience applying machine
learning algorithms to real-world 3-D perception data
* Experience using data from actual sensor packages, including RGB cameras,
stereo vision, and LIDAR
* Ability to debug machine learning implementations and make intelligent
recommendations on improvements, from base architecture to inputs to
training data


* Candidate for a PhD in Computer Science or related field; preferably one
year from graduation

Contact:  Marianne Wisheart - mwisheart at bostondynamics.com

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