[robotics-worldwide] [Meetings] CfP ERF 2019 Workshop on 'Blockchain in Robotic Applications' which will be held in Bucharest (Romania) on March 22nd 2019

Fabio Bonsignorio fabio.bonsignorio at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 10:32:12 PST 2019

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Dear All,

you are kindly invited to actively participate to the ERF 2019 Workshop on
'Blockchain in Robotic Applications' which will be held in  Bucharest
 (Romania) on March 22nd 2019).

This is the very first European workshop on the applications of the
blockchain technologies to Robotics.

The robotization of economy and society will ultimately lead to the
ubiquitous spread of “'smart cities”, "smart sprawls" and smart supply
chains. A main issue is that data collected by Cyber-Physical-Systems
contain critical or private information. Citizens  should be allowed to
keep the ownership of their own personal data. Moreover, large-scale
robotic and AI applications such as those envisioned by smart-cities and
smart supply-chains face serious challenges due to the system and network
heterogeneity and multi-vendor environments.

The Blockchain, a public ledger whose information is protected by a
consensus public algorithm, gives the possibility to create  adaptive
networks of multi-vendor heterogeneous robotic devices, without the data
centralization and privacy issues of  current mainstream approaches.
Distributed peer-to-peer computing platform such the Ethereum blockchain
are already showing opportunities to make robotic applications more
distributed, responsive, secure and simplified in development.

Which issues (technical, production, legal), slow down the development and
widespread usage of robotic applications based on the blockchain into the
real world?

*There will be post-proceedings.*

We look forward your active participation

All the best


Date: March 22nd

Location:  Grand Ballroom Salon D,  JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel,
Bucharest, Romania


Fabio Bonsignorio, Heron Robots, Italy, fabio.bonsignorio at gmail.com
(corresponding proposer)
Topic: Why the block-chain is important for roboticist, AI people and
policy makers alike

Aleksandr Kapitonov, ITMO University, St.Petersburg, Russian Federation
Topic: Application of the Blockchain to Robotic Systems

Sergey Lonshakov, Airalab
Topic: Toward the Economy of Robots

Dominik Boesl,  Festo AG and Robotics Governance Foundation
Topic: Robotics Governance

Ernesto Castello Ferrer,  MIT MediaLab
Topic:  Trustable autonomy: creating interfaces between human and robot


10:45 – 10:50 Introduction by the moderators

10:50 – 12:00 Bonsignorio, Kapitonov-Lonshakov-Boesl-Castello Ferrer: where
we are

12:00 – 12:15 Managed Brainstorming , Wrap-up and Plans for the future

Organizers: Fabio Bonsignorio & Aleksandr Kapitonov


Fabio P. Bonsignorio

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The BioRobotics Institute
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