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Tim Swift tim at otherlab.com
Fri Mar 8 11:08:54 PST 2019

*About Roam*
At our core, we are a mobility company. Our goal is to reinvent the way we
make powered orthotics -- otherwise known as exoskeletons -- making them
inexpensive, comfortable, and safe for home use.  We believe that we can
help people stay mobile longer, get injured less frequently, and overall do
more. We are developing a new class of exoskeleton that uses high strength
fabrics and a pneumatic powertrain, resulting in power to weight ratios
that are unmatched by existing exoskeleton systems at a significantly lower
cost. Our first product is a skiing device to help people get more out of
their skiing experience, whether that is augmenting safety, endurance, or
capability. We are looking for smart, motivated engineers and designers to
help develop the software to make this technology possible. More
information about Roam can be found at www.roamrobotics.com.

We are seeking highly motivated and adaptable individuals who will explore
the peaks and valleys of all problems that may come up while building a new
generation of robots for everyday life.

We are looking to add 2 to 3 internships for people looking to contribute
to the core disciplines of our company. We are looking for interns in the
following areas: Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Controls
Engineering. However, due to the investment in time we make in our interns,
we only consider placements that last for 6-12 months.

To succeed in this position, you must be highly motivated to learn new
skills and be able to demonstrate success and a history in taking pride in
your work. As a member of a small team, you must demonstrate strong
communication skills and an ability to guide the work at times when
required. You have the opportunity to impact the future of exoskeleton
design by working with our team make devices that do things no other
hardware can, and ultimately deliver devices that change how people go
about their daily lives.

If you could be a fit for these positions, we'd love to hear from you.
Please apply through our website at www.roamrobotics.com/jobs.

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