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maarja.kruusmaa at taltech.ee maarja.kruusmaa at taltech.ee
Mon Mar 11 02:41:16 PDT 2019

Dear prospective candidate, 

The Centre for Biorobotics is a team of 20 young, skilled and well-motivated
researchers and engineers in Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech),
Estonia. We love novel, unusual and risky ideas and new applications for our

We are looking for new team members to work on robot sensing and locomotion,
taking robots to places and solving tasks they have not been able to do
In particular, we are on the lookout for good people for the following two
postdoc positions:

1.	Robot locomotion in multiphase environments. This involves proposing
novel ideas and building and testing robot prototypes for locomotion in
fluids with different properties. The robots will move both on solid ground
and in the environments between them; in mud of different consistencies,
clay, oil, wet snow, loose gravel, etc. 

2.	Robot sensing in sensory-deprived and GPS-denied environments. This
involves developing unconventional robotic sensors for environments where
the common sensors cannot work (e.g. caves filled with slurry, ice caves,
highly turbid water, etc.). The purpose of these new sensors will be to
build world models and navigate through highly uncertain underground and
underwater environments.  

Apart from a strong theoretical background and practical skills in robotics
and physics, this assignment requires independent thinking and willingness
to stretch your limits. Since we work tightly coupled in several
international projects, we need people who are good at working with others.
Also be prepared for field testing in conceivably uncomfortable conditions
(rain, snow, mud etc.). 

If you feel that you are interested, please consider our offer of 20 000 –
30 000 EUR annual salary, friendly, supportive, internationally
well-connected research team and state-of-the-art experimental facilities.
TalTech has a young, lean and efficient university management where good
ideas are welcome and can be put in practice without bureaucratic hassle.
You would be located in Tallinn, Estonia, which is one of the
fastest-growing IT hubs in Europe.
We are also creating opportunities for young researchers to stay here longer
and build up your academic career in Taltech.

Yours sincerely,

Maarja Kruusmaa
Prof. Biorobotics 
Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)
Center for Biorobotics 
maarja.kruusmaa at taltech.ee

How to apply: 
Please send your CV and a motivation letter to biorobotics at ttu.ee. The CV
and motivation letter should show what are your qualifications, why do you
want to apply to this job and what do you expect from us if you will get it.
Also, we would ask you to send two recommendation letters along with them.
For more information please contact Maarja.kruusmaa at taltech.ee

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