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Special Session at the European Robotics Forum 2019

"A.I., Planning and Robotics: Results and Future Challenges"

21st of March 2019 - 16:15-17:45 - Bucharest, Romania




** Motivations and Aims **
Robotics is one of the most appealing and natural application area for 
the Artificial Intelligence (AI) research community. Advances in AI, 
Automated Planning and Scheduling (P&S) research in Robotics 
applications are fostering key enabling technologies such as, for 
instance, decisional and long term autonomy, adaptability, interaction 
ability, dependability, and (more in general) cognitive abilities in 
Robotic platforms. In light of the accelerated progress and the growth 
of economic importance of advanced robotics technology, it is essential 
for the AI and Robotics research communities to respond to the 
challenges that these applications pose and contribute to the advance of 
intelligent robotics.

This ERF Workshop constitutes a follow up of a scientific initiative, 
named PlanRob, started within the Planning and Scheduling (P&S) research 
community with the twofold aim of creating a common long-term forum 
where researchers from both P&S and Robotics communities can discuss 
about common interests and efforts, figure out shared challenges and 
discuss expectations about future developments. In this perspective, the 
aim of this ERF workshop is to bridge the gap between researchers and 
practitioners in AI, P&S and Robotics, pushing recent technological 
advancements out of the laboratories for deploying a new generation of 
Intelligent Robots endowed with flexible, adaptive and goal-oriented 
behaviors, long-term autonomy, advanced interaction with humans in 
structured collaborative activities.

The workshop aims at introducing early results from ongoing research 
projects, present developed AI technologies for Planning, Learning, 
Integrated Task/Path/Motion Planning, Human-Robot 
Interaction/Collaboration, etc; Developed technologies are to be 
elaborated using a project’s demonstrator as an example application (TRL 

The purpose is to inform the EU robotics community of emerging AI and 
robotics technologies that may soon be available on the market. The 
presented commercialization should also serve as an example to other 
projects on how to turn a research result into an innovation (commercial 

Present and Discuss future steps for effective deployment of AI and 
Robotics Applications, i.e., exploiring possible synergy effects between 
different projects and other on-going research/technology developments, 
standardization effort.

Discuss the compatibility of the solutions to be developed by projects 
with regard to each other, as well to the general EU MAR and other 
technologies on the market.

** Session Program **
- "Robotics in the European AI strategy" - Cecile Huet (Deputy Head AI 
and Robotics - EU Commission)

Fostering autonomy
- "Planning ahead: Speeding up wireless mobile manipulators to tackle a 
dynamic application scenario" - Christoph Walter (IFF Fraunhofer, Germany)
- "The ERGO Autonomy Framework and its use cases: main achievements, and 
future development" - Fernando Gandia (GMV, Spain)

- "Self-supervised Learning for Robotic Grasping" - Lars Berscheid (KIT, 
- "Model-based Reinforcement Learning in Robotics" Marco Huber (IPA, 
- "Pick and Place Operations in Logistics Using a Mobile Manipulator 
Controlled with Deep Reinforcement Learning" - Ander Iriondo (TEKNIKER, 

Next Challenges
- "Sharework contributions to Effective Human-Robot Collaboration" - 
Jesús Pablo González (EURECAT, Spain)
- "Rethinking longevity services with an interne of robotic things 
paradigm" - Filippo Cavallo (SSSA Pisa, Italia)
- "Embodying AI developments using humanoid robotic platforms" - 
Francesco Ferro (PAL Robotics, Spain)
- "Industrial Human Robot Collaboration" - Alessandro Zanella (FCA, Italy)

** Organizers **
- Alberto, Finzi; Naples University "Federico II"; Italy
- Marco Huber,  IPA/University of Stuttgart, Germany
- Sotiris Makris; LMS, Patras University, Greece;
- AndreA, Orlandini; National Research Council of Italy (CNR-ISTC); Italy

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  Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology
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