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Raja Chatila Raja.Chatila at sorbonne-universite.fr
Tue Mar 26 11:31:19 PDT 2019

Open Post-doc Position: Verification and Validation of Intelligent and Autonomous Systems

Dependability of autonomous and intelligent systems becomes of particular concern when they are used in critical applications because AI systems, which are specifically based on machine learning techniques such as deep learning and reinforcement learning, notably challenge classical approaches for system verification and validation. 

The use of large databases for training, which may include all sorts of bias or unverified labels, or the use of black-box components, is clearly problematic as these databases and components are not verified. In an ethically aligned design process, it is important to understand if, and how, the learning system’s behavior and output will carry or even possibly enhance data bias, and if there are design choices that were made which result in decisions that do not comply with the values that the system should be designed to respect.

In addition, the whole process of adjusting the parameters of learning systems, as well as designing their architecture, induces several difficulties for formal verification techniques, as well as for qualifying system robustness and predictability because autonomous systems behavior is influenced by the learning data and by operation conditions which were not explicitly considered at design stage.

The objective of the research work to be carried out during this project is to investigate how to design verification and validation methods and techniques that can be applied to intelligent and autonomous systems with learning abilities in order to qualify their behavior, evaluate their robustness and guarantee their compliance with values they are supposed to respect.  Theses verification methods could lead to design, testing and certification procedures. Several use cases can serve as context for the developments. 

Post-doc funded for 18 months in the framework of the European project AI4EU.
Availability: ASAP.
Requirements: PhD in Computer science on topics related to Verification/Validation, Dependability, AI, robotics, learning. 
Place of work: Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR), Sorbonne Université, Campus Pierre & Marie Curie - 4, place Jussieu 75005 Paris, France. 
Please send CV and motivation letter to Raja.Chatila at sorbonne-universite.fr <mailto:Raja.Chatila at sorbonne-universite.fr> mentioning [PD VVAIS] in the subject line.

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