[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] SkyMul: Electronics and firmware intern for robot Battery Management System

Eohan George eg at skymul.com
Sun Mar 1 07:26:01 PST 2020

SkyMul is a Comcast incubated company building aerial manipulation drones
for automating dangerous and dirty manual labor for the construction
industry. The swarm of aerial robots speeds up construction while reducing
labor requirements.

SkyMul is seeking interns for building lightweight Battery Management
System(BMS). This BMS is one of the first modular lightweight systems for
compatibility with drones and other robots. More details about the BMS can
be found at

*Duration*: May 2020 - Aug 2020

*Ideal candidates will *
- have no fear working on hardware platforms
- have experience with prototyping power, digital and analog circuitry
- be adept at circuit design and layout for two or more layers of PCB.
- be able to learn, experiment and fail fast
- have strong coding skills in C++, C
- have worked with Arduino, STM or other microcontrollers. Ability to
understand registers and other microcontroller architectures.
- have designed and programmed for SPI/I2C/Serial interfaces.
- have built Surface Mount PCBs

*Bonus requirements*:
- Designed power electronic circuitry in proximity with low voltage analog
- Worked with ardupilot/pixhawk or other autopilot architectures
- Experience with git or other source control framework
- Experience with Linux OS and build systems for large open source software

*Tasks and responsibilities for this position*:
- Designing electronics circuits, PCBs and firmware for the BMS
- Identifying and promoting opensource firmware in the drone and robotics
- Talking to customers and understanding features essential for BMS.
- Working with speed and agility to take a leadership role on the project

Interested candidates please send resume, cover letter and a portfolio of
previous projects to contact at skymul.com

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