[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] ICRA 2020 Workshop: The Future of the ROS Infrastrucure Ecosystem

Bill Smart smartw at oregonstate.edu
Fri Mar 6 17:29:36 PST 2020

The Future of the ROS Infrastructure Ecosystem
A Workshop at ICRA 2020


Paris, France
Sunday, May 31, 14:00 to 17:30

The Robot Operating System (ROS) has been around for over a decade now, and
is widely used in the robotics community.  Although the software has
evolved significantly over the past decade, the infrastructure on which the
community depends has moved more slowly.  The elements of the
infrastructure, such as the documentation wiki, the community standards,
and best practices are starting to show their age, as the background and
number of ROS users and developers change.  If ROS is to remain vibrant in
the coming decade, we must address these problems head-on.  This workshop
will bring together ROS users and developers from all backgrounds and
experience levels, to identify the key problems with the existing
infrastructure, and to brainstorm viable solutions to them.  This will be a
working workshop: in addition to a set of short talks, participants will
work in small groups to identify and solve problems, drawing on their
experience with the existing ROS ecosystem and their experience with other
open-source projects.  Come and help us strengthen ROS and make sure it
continues to drive and support cutting-edge robotics research for the next

We invite short (2-page) position and experience papers, identifying
problems that you feel are important and proposing potential solutions to
them, drawing on your own experience with ROS and other open-source
software communities.  At the workshop, authors will be invited to share
these experiences and solutions with the other participants in short
talks.  Following the talks, we will  have a working session where we work
in small groups to come up with potential solutions to these problems, and
to evaluate existing solutions that have come out the initial analysis and
contributed papers.  We will allocate overlapping subsets of identified
problems to each group, and ask the to brainstorm possible solutions,
relying on a set of structured ideation techniques that defer judgement,
encourage “wild” ideas, build on the ideas of others, and strive for
practical solutions.

Position and experience papers should be emailed directly to the organizer,
Bill Smart, at smartw at oregonstate.edu.

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