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We have an open PhD position on impact of autonomous vehicles. Please consider joining our team at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Analysis of spatio-temporal trends in New Zealand Traffic in 1998-2018 and implications for benchmarking and implementation of autonomous self-driving vehicles

Holiday news coverage is unfortunately never complete without reports of traffic jams and the road death toll. Autonomous vehicles are expected to solve both problems. Always sober, always alert, always obedient to the rules. In New Zealand, they have the potential to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by drunk or distracted drivers, as well as those involving tourists who are unfamiliar with driving on the left side of the road. However, it would be unrealistic to assume that the autonomous vehicles could achieve a perfect driving record and avoid fatalities altogether. So how safe do they need to be before we can accept them onto our roads? To move this discussion from philosophy to policy we need to establish empirical benchmarks. The goal of this project is to use past road accident data to develop a simulation framework for the cost-benefit analysis of autonomous self-driving vehicles. 

In the first phase of this project we will analyse the data in the New Zealand Crash Analysis System (CAS) to determine the factors most influencing the probability and severity of accident occurrence. CAS includes detailed, spatially-explicit traffic accident information which we intend to complement with other relevant information, such as weather conditions.


Thank you,
Christoph Bartneck

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