[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] MTurk funds to annotate your egocentric dataset - EPIC at CVPR2020 workshop

Walterio Mayol-Cuevas Walterio.Mayol-Cuevas at bristol.ac.uk
Tue Mar 10 09:04:04 PDT 2020

Thanks to the generous donation from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and Augmented AI (A2I) teams, we are pleased to offer a novel opportunity to generate new data related to egocentric vision.

As part of the 6th International workshop on Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing (EPIC at CVPR2020), to be held in Seattle Washington on 15th June, we are making a call for proposals to create new public data and/or annotations useful for egocentric visual research.

Egocentric visual perception concerns imagery captured from a platform, human or artificial, that senses the world from an outward-facing perspective. Examples include the EPIC Kitchens dataset or data from robotic platforms interacting with the environment.

Proposals may consider annotating newly collected data or using existing data that has not been annotated in the proposed way.

Importantly, any data that is produced with the funds must be made publicly available to further support research into egocentric perception.

We invite up to 3 page proposals covering the following:

1)    Summary. Summary of proposal.

2)    What’s new and Why? What is new about this data/annotation and why it will be of use to the community.

3)    How Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT) will be used. Describe what MTurkers will be asked to do in as much detail as possible including how you plan to handle response ambiguity and data quality. You can also reference as evidence any existing datasets that authors have already released and that used AMT.

4)    Impact. Potential impact of the new data.

5)    Storage. Where the new data would be stored.

6)    Timings. When the data would be made publicly available (estimate days after completing the AMT phase).

7)    License. Describe any license that is expected to be attached to the data. We are looking to fund work that is as permissive as possible for research purposes so as to help the community.

8)    Confirmation. Statement confirming that the authors of the proposal have the permission to release any collected data and that the data will be released shortly after annotation/collection.

9)   Funds. Total funds requested in USD.

10) Names and affiliation. Of those responsible for the proposal indicating a named principal person who will also serve as corresponding person.

Deadline for proposals: 01 MAY 2020

Decision of proposal shortlisting by: 01 JUNE 2020

More details and judging criteria are available from:


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