[robotics-worldwide] [software] Webots-based Virtual Machine for learning to program mobile robots

Enric Cervera Mateu ecervera at uji.es
Sun Mar 15 11:21:25 PDT 2020

Dear colleagues,

The Try-a-Bot Virtual Machine consists of a lightweight Linux environment
ready to run in VirtualBox, packed with an installation of Webots and
Jupyter notebooks.

Since Webots has become free open-source software, no license is necessary.

The virtual machine comes packed with ready-to-use simulations of mobile
robotics environments, and learning materials for programming mobile robots
in Python with Jupyter notebooks.

The learning materials are also open-source with the Creative Commons
License, so feel free to use them in your own course.

More details at: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://sites.google.com/uji.es/try-a-bot/virtual-machine__;!!LIr3w8kk_Xxm!5fUQ1QKLNdCGAC73UDXXRD-1XVTSX6praC0p8TKwFTKDfY75a7z5tD4xb8AASOoOfBE8jlCp$ 

Best regards,

Enric Cervera


The Try-a-Bot initiative was supported by IEEE RAS through the CEMRA
program (Creation of Educational Material for Robotics and Automation).

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