[robotics-worldwide] [journals] CfP: Special Issue on the Design and Mechanoreception of Hybrid Actuators (Frontiers in Robotics and AI: Soft Robotics)

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Abstract Due:  April, 24 2020
Manuscript Due:  August, 31 2020

Details of this special issue and submission guidelines can be found here:

Description: The musculoskeletal design of animals has inspired a class of
robot actuators with a hybrid combination of both rigid and soft
components. Such hybrid actuators usually permit the usage of classical
theory in rigid-body kinematics for motion analysis. However, the soft
components in the design also provide benefits such as inherent safety,
light-weight structure, and a high power-to-weight ratio at a cheaper cost.
As an integrated design, these hybrid actuators also present varied levels
of mechanoreceptive capabilities, making such robots an ideal design for
human-centered applications, or unstructured operations for enhanced
safety, performance, and robustness, with a significant reduction in cost
and weight.

The integrated robot design with rigid and soft components reflects a
changing research paradigm towards robotic systems with advanced sensory
skills and autonomous feedback in unstructured physical interactions. Such
localized interaction holds the potential to generate new representations
of the physical interactions for large-scale sensitive data that are
difficult to collect using simulation, making it possible to design and
train new learning models for the advanced control of hybrid actuators and
robot systems.

This Research Topic focuses on reporting recent efforts in the design and
mechanoreception of hybrid actuators and the integrated applications of
robot systems with both rigid and soft components. Manuscripts can contain
results in both theoretical fundamentals and explorative experiments.
Contributions should address state-of-the-art design, fabrication,
modeling, control, and learning of robots with both rigid and soft

We are particularly interested in manuscripts that cover the following

• Design: mechanisms and actuation; robots with flexible elements; soft
robots; biomimetic and bioinspired robots
• Sensing and Perception: force and tactile sensing; 3-D vision; object
recognition; visual servoing; multisensor data fusion
• Control and Manipulation: robot control, motion and force planning,
control for manipulation tasks; contact modeling and manipulation; grasping
• Robots at Work: industrial robotics; space robotics; robotics in
agriculture and forestry; robotics in construction; robotics in hazardous
applications; rehabilitation and healthcare robotics
• Robots and Humans: wearable robots, physical and cognitive human-robot
interaction; learning from humans; AI reasoning methods for robotics;

Guest Editors:

Dr. Chaoyang Song, Southern University of Science and Technology. Email:
songcy at ieee.org
Dr. Zheng Wang, Southern University of Science and Technology. Email:
wangz at sustech.edu.cn
Dr. Wenlong Zhang, Arizona State University. Email: wenlong.zhang at asu.edu

Wenlong Zhang,
Assistant Professor,
The Polytechnic School,
Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering,
Honors Faculty, Barrett, the Honors College
Arizona State University

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