[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] PhD student position in SLAM, seamless-indoor-outdoor-localization-and-mapping, DL 19.4.

v.v.lehtola at utwente.nl v.v.lehtola at utwente.nl
Mon Mar 30 02:12:37 PDT 2020

The mobile mapping team at the EOS department, ITC faculty, University of Twente, Netherlands is looking for a PhD candidate to develop seamless indoor-outdoor localization and mapping. The mobile platforms are mainly human carried but may include others,  e.g. micro aerial vehicles, depending also on the candidate. The  position is fully funded (4 years).The specific tasks of this work are (with specific requirements):

-Integration of GNSS and SLAM techniques into a common algorithmic framework (c++, python)
-Designing and assembling new multi-sensor systems for mobile mapping  jointly with the team, including LIDAR, IMU, GNSS, and other sensors  (Linux, e.g. ROS)
-Joint development and programming of SLAM techniques with the mobile mapping team (c++, python)
-Publishing research findings in scientific journals, presenting the  outcome at international conferences, interacting with local and  international scholars and practitioners
Your profile:
-You must hold an MSc degree, obtained no more than 5 years ago,  related to close-range remote sensing or photogrammetry, computational  science, robotics, engineering, or other related discipline.
-You are able to demonstrate your skills in programming (c++/python)  and operate fluently in Linux-based environments. Experience in  high-performance, edge, and/or distributed computing is a bonus.
-You master English at a professional level, both orally and in  writing. This is the everyday language at work and the language of  science.
-Some limited contributions towards education may be required.
Additional information about this position can be obtained from Dr. Lehtola (email: v.v.lehtola at utwente.nl<mailto:v.v.lehtola at utwente.nl>) or from Prof. Vosselman (email: george.vosselman at utwente.nl<mailto:george.vosselman at utwente.nl>).


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